nutramega will help:

• Calm sensitive skin
• Improve dry, flaky skin
• Reduce itching & scratching
• Strengthen brittle nails
• Increase comfort

Calm your pet’s itchy and flaky skin condition

nutramega is a specially formulated high strength and easy to administer Omega-3 capsule that helps to support an animal’s natural systems that control inflammation.

The Omega-3s EPA and DHA fatty acids from fish oil combined with d-Biotin and Vitamin E work synergistically to soothe inflammatory skin conditions. 

EPA and DHA are also the precursors for newly discovered lipids called Resolvins and Protectins which reduce the duration and magnitude of inflammation.

nutramega includes:

No added Omega-6 fatty acids:

Studies have shown adding Omega-6s has a negative affect on reducing inflamation and so for this reason nutramega contains no added Omega-6 fatty acids.

nutramega is available exclusively from veterinary practices - click here to find your local stockist

For more information on nutramega the high strength Omega 3 supplement for dogs and cats then please click the link below

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